Thursday, December 9, 2010

Water Treatment

Yeah, we have to spend some of our money to water treatment. Water treatment is very important since we need water a lot each day. Without water, there will be no live. For our health, we do really need clean water. Unclean water is bad for our health. The worst thing is we can be poisoned by water we drink every day. If we take a look at population that happened in China, they were horrible. Water is not clean anymore. The water color is red or kinda brown. By that, a lot of Chinese people that live within the pollution area are suffered, some of them languished cancer. Therefor, we have to spend some our money to water treatment, for our health and our child and grandchild in the future.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planting !! Keep Them Flourishing !!

In this time, I will focused on lettuce, since I am in vegetables groups. Our lettuce grown very well. Here is the materilas we need and steps we have to do.

Materials we need :
  • shovel
  • lettuce
  • original land as place
  • sunlight
  • humus
  • water
Steps we need to do :
  • Get rid of other plants that could be disturb our lettuce's growth rate.Make a hole with shovel for the lettuce.
  • Pour some humus into the hole.
  • Pour some water and wait until the water get illuviated.
  • Put the lettuce on the hole we just made.
  • Keep the root under ground.
Things we need to be aware off :

  • keep it from bugs.
  • the cold weather.
  • our responsible to water it everyday, so that it wouldn't face any deficiency