Thursday, February 24, 2011

Biome and species

     There is a strong relation between biome ans species. Of course biome provide the species its habitat, their place to live. The species that live there interact with each other species and make the biome more active and more interesting. 
     Take for example coral reef biome and sea anemone. The coral reef provide a habitat for the sea anemone. The sea anemone that has a habitat will stayed there for its entire life and decorate the coral reef biome. More fishes were atracted by the anemone and moved there to the coral reef biome. The coral biome will be more active and more interesting place.

Monday, February 21, 2011

River Habitat (Riparian Habitat)

     There are 2 common parts/components in river habitat. They are abiotic components and biotic components. Abiotic components consist of non-living components . Biotic components consist of living organisms such as plants or animals
     Abiotic components that found in river habitat are air, water, rock, and sunlight. Air supplies oxygen to the living organisms in river habitat, making a relation. Water works as a place to live there. Organisms such as lotuses and fishes need water to live. Rock works as a habitat as well. Some organisms such as crabs, shrimps, and mayflies. Sunlight gives  significant result in photosynthesis process, make a relation with autotroph organisms.
     Biotic components that found in river habitat are fishes, crabs, eels, mayflies, frogs, and shrimps. There are plants and autotroph organisms as well such as lotuses, moss, lilies, and algae. There are some protists as well such as dinoflagellates, ciliated protozoa, and diatoms. There are a lot of organisms out there, each organisms make a relation with others and make an ecosystem. Isn't it just great ?

Rainforest Biome

     Mostly, I would like to visit rainforest biome. Since I was a little kid, rainforest biome had always been my favourite biome. Since I was a little kid, zoo and botanical garden had always been an interesting for me to visit. What I like about rainforest are its uncountable variety of species, either plants and animals. I was born in Indonesia, a country in equator that consist of rainforest biome.
     In Indonesia, you can find kangaroos, komodo dragons, rhinoceros, sunbear, sumatran tiger, and many other kinds. In Indonesia you can also find thousands of different orchids, hibiscus, wax ginger flower, rhododendrons, rafflesian arnoldi, and many other kinds. I can see all of that species in Indonesian's zoo and safari park, and I very very love it. Therefore, rainforest biomes are the most interesting biome to visit for me.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Organism Relationships on Campus

As there are a lot of organisms live in Alhambra High School, there are also a lot of relationships happened between them. Those relationships are mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, predation, & competitiion.
Symbiosis mutualism, both organisms partner get benefit. Example :
1. butterflies and flowers, butterflies help the pollination & flowers provide nectar.
2. bees and flowers, bees help the pollination & flowers provide nectar.
3. hummingbirds and flowers, hummingbirds help the pollination & flowers provide nectar. 
Symbiosis commensalism, one organism get benefit, another one is neither harmed nor helped. Example :
1. bird and trees, birds build their nest on tree, the tree is neither harmed nor helped
2. moss and trees, some moss live and grow on trees, they like tropical trees and its epiphytes 
3. beetles and trees, some beetles use tree as their house, the tree is neither harmed nor helped
Symbiosis parasitism, one get benefit and the other is adversely affected. Example :
1. tracheal mites with honeybees
2. weeds and vegetables, weeds take the nutrients that supposed to be had by vegetables
3. weeds and flowers, weeds take the nutrients that supposed to be had by flowers
Predation, consumption of one species by another. Example :
1. birds and worms, birds eat worms
2. worm and vegetables, worm eats vegetables' leaves
3. snail and vegetables, snail eats vegetables' leaves
Competition, 2 or more individuals compete in collecting resources :
1. worm and snail compete in eating plants' leaves
2. butterflies and bees compete in sucking flowers' nectar
3. skunk and cat compete in collecting students' trash at night