Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Most & The Least

My favourite activity is planting vegetables. The reason why I like it the most is practice how to do it is far more important than just studying about it. Planting plants is very interesting for me, so I was very used to it. The benefits of plants are very significant as well, one of the benefits is make the school greener. Then, the instructions are very clear as well. My group is very harmonic as well ^^
Everything is okay and undercontrol. This is the best activity I've ever had, like it very much ^^

Actually there is no such things or activities that I don't like in this semester for Environment Science. I like everything we've had this semester. I can't even pick one.

If I could change something, it will be students' attention. I hope students can be more cooperative in this class. I hope students can limit their talking activity. My hope for the second semester is we can do more a lot of fun activities next semester and relation between student and teacher can be a lot better.

----------------------------- 1st semester Environment Science --------------------------------------------

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coming Global Superstorm ??

In my opinion yes, we will have a coming global superstorm. One of the causes of the Global Superstorm is the uncontrolled raising temperature on earth. As we produce a lot of Carbondioxide on earth, the ocean is having a problem in maintaining the temperature. By the uncontrolled temperature, the possibility of dramatically different air pressure on earth is bigger. That can caused tornado and hurricane, and if it is still continued, not a long of time after that we will have a global superstorm. So, what can we do right now ? We can't stay with nothing to do. We can try to do thrift in our life. Take for example, try to limit the pollution. If we are going to a near places. We should not use a car. Car can help produce gas that help to destroy the ozone layer. And if it is not necessary, we should not use Air Conditioner. Do you know why ? Air conditioner release a set of gases called CFC which consist of Chloro Fluoro Carbon. Those gases if they were release to the atmosphere, they can cause greenhouse effect to the earth. Those gases can make us have global superstorm after a period with global warming.

Previous Global Superstorm ??

In my opinion, we have had a previous Global Superstorm. One of the proof is that the monument in Yonaguni Island that located 75 miles Southwest of Okinawa sank to the bottom of the sea. The only reason why the monument sank to the bottom of the sea is that the previous Global Superstorm cause increasing temperature in the universe that cause ices in both poles were melting. Of course as the ice melt, the lowlands along the coast are going to sank to the sea. I believe that this monument was built along the coast at that time, so by the ices were melting, this monument also sank to the bottom of the sea.