Thursday, December 8, 2011

Similarities and Differences of Cells

 This is red blood cells
 This is a picture of neuron cell
 This is parietal cells

These cells are similar in a way that:

  • All of them are part organ systems inside human body
  • All of them do not have a cell wall, they are not part of plant cells
  • They pretty much have the same structure
  • They have nucleus, membrane cell, and cytoplasm
However, these cells are also differ in some ways that:
  • Obviously, they have different functions compared to each other
  • Red blood cell transfer oxygen through blood system
  • Parietal cell secretes acid in stomach to help digestion
  • Neuron cell is an essential part in making the nerve tissues
  • they have different colors and shapes

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kind of Microscopes

Compound Light Microscope, a microscope that allows light to pass through a specimen and uses two lenses to form an image.
  • Compound light microscope is cheaper thatn any of the two electron microscopes
  • It is more portable and didn't rely on electricity
  • It is movable since it is not too big
  • can observe living cell
  • colorful image
  • Has a less magnification compared to electron microscopes
  • Need to adjust the light first every time we are going to use it
  • can't observe things that are really small

There are 2 kinds of electron microscopes. Transmission electron microscopes and Scanning electron microscopes. Transmission electron microscope is a microscope that shine a beam of electron to reveal a wealth of detail inside the cell. Scannig electron microscope is a microscope that scan a narrow beacm of electrons back and forth acroos the surface of a specimen to produce realistic, and often dramatic, 3-d images of the surfaces of projects.
Transmission Electron Microscope
 Scanning electron microscope
Pros :
  • has a way bigger magnification compared to light microscope
  • can provide more detail and a more dramatic image compared to light microscope
  • can be connected to a computer and use it to analyze the data in monitor
  • can only observe dead cell
  • black and white cell
  • rely on electricity
  • not movable because of the size

source : (biology textbook and google search for the images)

Kind of Nutrients

1. Carbohydrates, used as the main source of energy in the body. We can get carbohydrates from foods that contain sugars or starches. Carbohydrates are processed by amylase. Examples of food that contains carbohydrates are breads, pastas, grains, rice, and etc.
(reference: bio textbook and google search for image)

2. Proteins, used as biological catalyst that speed up chemical reaction that take place within human body. It also has regulatory and transoport functions. Take for example, insulin is a protein that regulatres the level of sugar in the blood, and hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that help the blood transport oxygen. We can find proteins in meat, chicken, beef, fish, beans, and etcetra.
(reference: bio textbook and google search for image)

3. Lipids, used to store extra energy and insulate the body. Lipids also produce cell membranes, myelin sheaths, and certain hormone. We can get lipids from animal fat and vegetable fat. Examples for animal fat are cheese and butter. Examples for vegetable fat are avocados, beans, etc.
(reference: bio textbook and google search for image)

4. Vitamins, used to help regulate body process.Often times, it working together with enzymes. There are two kinds of vitamins; one that is water soluble and one that is fat soluble. B and C are water soluble while A, D, E, K are fat soluble. We can find vitamins from eating various kinds of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.
(reference: bio textbook and google search for image)

5. Mineral, used to fulfill the body needs, usually in small amount. Some examples of minerals are calcium, iron, and magnesium. Calcium is a major component of bones and teeth. Iron is needed to make hemoglobin. We can find minerals by eating a variety of foods because minerals are found in the living tissues of plants and other animals.
(reference: bio textbook and google search for image)

Sientific Method

link to my scientific method wordle ^o^

Objective is what are we going to discover, do, or prove

Hypothesis is what we think might happen throught the test

Manipulated Variable is variable that we compare in a set of test
Responding Variable is variable that emerge as result of the manipulated variable

Procedure is the steps other people have to do in order to repeat this experiment exactly the same

Data is a chart of numbers or bunch of pictures or descriptions in result of the test we do

Analysis is a mathematical calculation, most of the times are formed in a graph, or pictures that we draw or shot with a camera

Pie Graph is a kind of graph when we compare more than one variables with the whole unity of variables
Bar Graph is a graph in which we compare dependent variable by independent variable
Line Graph is a kind of graph when we need to know the rate of dependent variable

Possible sources of errors are unconsidered problems that might effect the result of an experiment, oit could be procedural or measurement errors

Conclusion is the final decision that started by restating our hypothesis and show whether our hypothesis is supported or not through the experiment we do

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pesticides and Effects

     We should not use pesticides, especially pesticides like DDT that could harm organism life. Pesticide, as long as it is organic is okay. Organic pesticide give no harm towards organisms and environment. Even though we have to be careful with the dose of our organic pesticides, it is still safer than non-organic pesticides. My own organic pesticide made from a very sour liquid and I was so surprised that I know from my teacher that it could burn down the leaves. So, I only pour a little of that liquid and mixed it with proper amount of water to reduce the acidity value.
     The effects of pesticides upon human are actually depends on each pesticides toxicity rate and how each human could resist those toxic.
     Pesticides can enter the human body through inhalation of aerosols, dust and vapor that contain pesticides; through oral exposure by consuming food and water; and through dermal exposure by direct contact of pesticides with skin. Pesticides are sprayed onto food, especially fruits and vegetables, they secrete into soils and groundwater which can end up in drinking water, and pesticide spray can drift and pollute the air.
     The effects of pesticides on human health are more harmful based on the toxicity of the chemical and the length and magnitude of exposure. Farm workers and their families experience the greatest exposure to agricultural pesticides through direct contact with the chemicals. But every human contains a percentage of pesticides found in fat samples in their body. Children are most susceptible and sensitive to pesticides due to their small size and underdevelopment. The chemicals can bioaccumulate in the body over time.
      Exposure to pesticides can range from mild skin irritation to birth defects, tumors, genetic changes, blood and nerve disorders, endocrine disruption, and even coma or death.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barry the Farmer

     In my opinion, what had happened to Barry the farmer is totally unfair. Monsanto had been really cruel and unfair towards him. Monsanto should have been planting their own crops, not sewing others product. Even the jury should have been more serious in this case. They should try to find the information harder and check whether Monsanto was telling the truth or not. The farm was pure, it was Barry's. 
     The better outcome could be started by democration, not direct action by sue Barry the Farmer. Peace agreement is easy to made if both sides are not greedy and selfish. In this case, Monsanto had been greedy enough by sewing Barry's farms. Barry had been aggrieved by Monsanto.

Thing That Surprised Me

     After I have done the assignment about food analysis by input beverages and food I eat. I found out that I have food deficiency. Is that possible? How come? To be honest I'm indeed an overweight person. I am so shocked as I realized that I have food deficiency. How is it possible for a person who likes to eat like me?
      Through this assignment, I realize that my diet was not healthy, it is considered dangerous. I force myself to not eat properly and eat less of food. The result was amazing, I loss about 6 ponds that week. But, I have deficiency in almost every aspect. By next week I fixed my diet. I ate properly and had some supplement as well. I also had vitamins to support my body metabolism process. I gain my weight back but I felt healthy.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

-------------- Protein from PInkies -------------

     Mice are naturally herbivores and a staple in the diet of many small carnivores. Humans have eaten mice since prehistoric times and still eat them as a delicacy throughout eastern Zambia and northern Malawi, where they are a seasonal source of protein. Actually not only in Africa but also in Indonesia. Some people in Indonesia are struggling in their life, work as a coolie in a market. To work as a coolie, they need a great amount of protein to make them strong enough to pick up heavy things. What could work for them as a source of protein ? They are poor and have just enough money to fulfill their daily needs. Yup, they eat mice, especially pinkies that are 2 days old or so. What I know is that they eat it together with banana. 
     Proteins are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides typically folded into a globular or fibrous form in a biologically functional way. Many proteins are enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions and are vital to metabolism. Proteins also have structural or mechanical functions, such as actin and myosin in muscle and the proteins in the cytoskeleton, which form a system of scaffolding that maintains cell shape. Other proteins are important in cell signaling, immune responses, cell adhesion, and the cell cycle.  Through the process of digestion, ingested protein broken down into free amino acids that are then used in metabolism.
     The conclusion is human definitely need protein. The problem is not every human were rich enough to get enough amount of protein each day. For they who are not, mice are a good solution as a source of protein. Have fun & Enjoy ^^

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things I acquaired in the second semester

     Throughtout these months in this second semester, I had learned a lot of things. Some of them I got as an enrichment from what I had already had in Indonesia. Here, in United States, I could build up my vocabulary from day to day as I improve my english skills. Besides all of that, I also learn some new things that I have not learned yet in Indonesia.
     Chapter 5 and 7 consists of some things that I already know such as symbiosis, ecosystem, evolution, food web, and also food chain. But here, I enrich my knowledge by do some projects such as food web project and food chain project. There, in Alhambra High School Ms. Malonek helps me enrich my knowledge. In chapter 8 and 9, things that I already know are the pyramid population and the formula of the population itself. But I also learned some significant lessons about things I have not learned yet in Indonesia.
     To be honest, I have never done an experiment with owl pellet before. But in United States, in Alhambra High School, Ms. Malonek taught me how to do that experiment and also what could be learned from that experiment. Through that experiment, I learned and observed what does an owl eat, and from Microsoft Excel, I could make the data chart. In Indonesia, most stuffs I learned are the theory. But in United States, I learned about the practice and experiment which are also very important in learning science.

Letter To The Government

805 N.Hidalgo Ave
Alhambra, LA 91801

05 April, 2011

California Senator
Mrs. Barbara Boxer

Dear Mrs. Boxer,

A problem about population has been bothering me for some time now, and I thought I should share my opinion with you. In my opinion, the problem about population in United States is related to the strictless of United States reproductive policy.

Due to the over population that United States has to face right now, it is very important to reduce our birth rate and restrict the immigration policy. As we know, as the population increase, the competition in job field and competition to survive have been very very bad. Poverty spread all over United States. We should limit our population with one child policy so that competition in job field and competition to survive could be controlled.

Please contact me if you require further information about this matter. I hope you would devote some time studying this problem and I hope you could do something that could help finish this problem. If you have some questions, you could contact me at 626-380-7158.

Thank you for your time and your consideration.

Derry Devara Teguh

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Ways Population Can Grows Even If Birth Rate Declines

     Even though birth rate is declining, population can still growth or increase. There are two ways population can grow, one of them is the declining of death rate and the increasing rate of immigration. Population in a country can still counted as growing if the death rate is lower than birth rate. Even though the birth rate decline, but if the death rate decline severely, the number of a population still increase over all. A way to reduce the death rate in a country is by improve the living condition and the quality in all aspect of life. there fore, diseases could be treated and lifespan of people could be longer. Another way a population in a country could be increased even though the birth rate is declining is by having an increasing immigration rate. Immigration to a country could improve the number of people living in a society for sure. There are several reasons why people immigrate to a country. First, they might want to pursue a better life with a better education and health living condidition. Second, they might want a better job and a higher paid job. Because of that reason, a lot of people want to immigrate to an industrial country, country with a strong economic power that have a better living condition. Because of that two ways, population can grows even if the birth rate declines.


The Most Endangered Biome in This World

     In my opinion, tropical rain forests are the most endangered biome in this period of time. Tropical rain forests considered to be the most endangered biome due to the increasing number of deforestation. Deforestation is a very bad things to be happened in tropical rain foresets. It can make the number of species decline. As we know, tropical rain forests are the home for a huge number of living organisms. Tropical rain forests are rich in diversity of species. But because of the deforestation, we know that some species might not be exist in this world in the next couple of years. Besides can make the number of species decline, deforestation might cause flooding that could damage human and environment. Flood can swept away humus layer the soil have that can make it become a poor soil. Without trees that could hold the supplies of the water, if the rain is severe, flood might happen. It can make people loose their belongings. At the end, human themselves that suffered from this deforestation. I hope that a lot of people will realized this and prevent another bad deforestation. For the future of the earth, let's try our best ^^

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Biome and species

     There is a strong relation between biome ans species. Of course biome provide the species its habitat, their place to live. The species that live there interact with each other species and make the biome more active and more interesting. 
     Take for example coral reef biome and sea anemone. The coral reef provide a habitat for the sea anemone. The sea anemone that has a habitat will stayed there for its entire life and decorate the coral reef biome. More fishes were atracted by the anemone and moved there to the coral reef biome. The coral biome will be more active and more interesting place.

Monday, February 21, 2011

River Habitat (Riparian Habitat)

     There are 2 common parts/components in river habitat. They are abiotic components and biotic components. Abiotic components consist of non-living components . Biotic components consist of living organisms such as plants or animals
     Abiotic components that found in river habitat are air, water, rock, and sunlight. Air supplies oxygen to the living organisms in river habitat, making a relation. Water works as a place to live there. Organisms such as lotuses and fishes need water to live. Rock works as a habitat as well. Some organisms such as crabs, shrimps, and mayflies. Sunlight gives  significant result in photosynthesis process, make a relation with autotroph organisms.
     Biotic components that found in river habitat are fishes, crabs, eels, mayflies, frogs, and shrimps. There are plants and autotroph organisms as well such as lotuses, moss, lilies, and algae. There are some protists as well such as dinoflagellates, ciliated protozoa, and diatoms. There are a lot of organisms out there, each organisms make a relation with others and make an ecosystem. Isn't it just great ?

Rainforest Biome

     Mostly, I would like to visit rainforest biome. Since I was a little kid, rainforest biome had always been my favourite biome. Since I was a little kid, zoo and botanical garden had always been an interesting for me to visit. What I like about rainforest are its uncountable variety of species, either plants and animals. I was born in Indonesia, a country in equator that consist of rainforest biome.
     In Indonesia, you can find kangaroos, komodo dragons, rhinoceros, sunbear, sumatran tiger, and many other kinds. In Indonesia you can also find thousands of different orchids, hibiscus, wax ginger flower, rhododendrons, rafflesian arnoldi, and many other kinds. I can see all of that species in Indonesian's zoo and safari park, and I very very love it. Therefore, rainforest biomes are the most interesting biome to visit for me.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Organism Relationships on Campus

As there are a lot of organisms live in Alhambra High School, there are also a lot of relationships happened between them. Those relationships are mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, predation, & competitiion.
Symbiosis mutualism, both organisms partner get benefit. Example :
1. butterflies and flowers, butterflies help the pollination & flowers provide nectar.
2. bees and flowers, bees help the pollination & flowers provide nectar.
3. hummingbirds and flowers, hummingbirds help the pollination & flowers provide nectar. 
Symbiosis commensalism, one organism get benefit, another one is neither harmed nor helped. Example :
1. bird and trees, birds build their nest on tree, the tree is neither harmed nor helped
2. moss and trees, some moss live and grow on trees, they like tropical trees and its epiphytes 
3. beetles and trees, some beetles use tree as their house, the tree is neither harmed nor helped
Symbiosis parasitism, one get benefit and the other is adversely affected. Example :
1. tracheal mites with honeybees
2. weeds and vegetables, weeds take the nutrients that supposed to be had by vegetables
3. weeds and flowers, weeds take the nutrients that supposed to be had by flowers
Predation, consumption of one species by another. Example :
1. birds and worms, birds eat worms
2. worm and vegetables, worm eats vegetables' leaves
3. snail and vegetables, snail eats vegetables' leaves
Competition, 2 or more individuals compete in collecting resources :
1. worm and snail compete in eating plants' leaves
2. butterflies and bees compete in sucking flowers' nectar
3. skunk and cat compete in collecting students' trash at night

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Most & The Least

My favourite activity is planting vegetables. The reason why I like it the most is practice how to do it is far more important than just studying about it. Planting plants is very interesting for me, so I was very used to it. The benefits of plants are very significant as well, one of the benefits is make the school greener. Then, the instructions are very clear as well. My group is very harmonic as well ^^
Everything is okay and undercontrol. This is the best activity I've ever had, like it very much ^^

Actually there is no such things or activities that I don't like in this semester for Environment Science. I like everything we've had this semester. I can't even pick one.

If I could change something, it will be students' attention. I hope students can be more cooperative in this class. I hope students can limit their talking activity. My hope for the second semester is we can do more a lot of fun activities next semester and relation between student and teacher can be a lot better.

----------------------------- 1st semester Environment Science --------------------------------------------

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coming Global Superstorm ??

In my opinion yes, we will have a coming global superstorm. One of the causes of the Global Superstorm is the uncontrolled raising temperature on earth. As we produce a lot of Carbondioxide on earth, the ocean is having a problem in maintaining the temperature. By the uncontrolled temperature, the possibility of dramatically different air pressure on earth is bigger. That can caused tornado and hurricane, and if it is still continued, not a long of time after that we will have a global superstorm. So, what can we do right now ? We can't stay with nothing to do. We can try to do thrift in our life. Take for example, try to limit the pollution. If we are going to a near places. We should not use a car. Car can help produce gas that help to destroy the ozone layer. And if it is not necessary, we should not use Air Conditioner. Do you know why ? Air conditioner release a set of gases called CFC which consist of Chloro Fluoro Carbon. Those gases if they were release to the atmosphere, they can cause greenhouse effect to the earth. Those gases can make us have global superstorm after a period with global warming.

Previous Global Superstorm ??

In my opinion, we have had a previous Global Superstorm. One of the proof is that the monument in Yonaguni Island that located 75 miles Southwest of Okinawa sank to the bottom of the sea. The only reason why the monument sank to the bottom of the sea is that the previous Global Superstorm cause increasing temperature in the universe that cause ices in both poles were melting. Of course as the ice melt, the lowlands along the coast are going to sank to the sea. I believe that this monument was built along the coast at that time, so by the ices were melting, this monument also sank to the bottom of the sea.