Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Ways Population Can Grows Even If Birth Rate Declines

     Even though birth rate is declining, population can still growth or increase. There are two ways population can grow, one of them is the declining of death rate and the increasing rate of immigration. Population in a country can still counted as growing if the death rate is lower than birth rate. Even though the birth rate decline, but if the death rate decline severely, the number of a population still increase over all. A way to reduce the death rate in a country is by improve the living condition and the quality in all aspect of life. there fore, diseases could be treated and lifespan of people could be longer. Another way a population in a country could be increased even though the birth rate is declining is by having an increasing immigration rate. Immigration to a country could improve the number of people living in a society for sure. There are several reasons why people immigrate to a country. First, they might want to pursue a better life with a better education and health living condidition. Second, they might want a better job and a higher paid job. Because of that reason, a lot of people want to immigrate to an industrial country, country with a strong economic power that have a better living condition. Because of that two ways, population can grows even if the birth rate declines.


The Most Endangered Biome in This World

     In my opinion, tropical rain forests are the most endangered biome in this period of time. Tropical rain forests considered to be the most endangered biome due to the increasing number of deforestation. Deforestation is a very bad things to be happened in tropical rain foresets. It can make the number of species decline. As we know, tropical rain forests are the home for a huge number of living organisms. Tropical rain forests are rich in diversity of species. But because of the deforestation, we know that some species might not be exist in this world in the next couple of years. Besides can make the number of species decline, deforestation might cause flooding that could damage human and environment. Flood can swept away humus layer the soil have that can make it become a poor soil. Without trees that could hold the supplies of the water, if the rain is severe, flood might happen. It can make people loose their belongings. At the end, human themselves that suffered from this deforestation. I hope that a lot of people will realized this and prevent another bad deforestation. For the future of the earth, let's try our best ^^