Saturday, January 21, 2012


First of all, because I know that this disease spreads the quickest through sex contact with others, the only thing I could do is to forbade free sex. I would not allow people having sex for fun or to fulfil their desires anymore. I am aware that this might have a lot of controversies with people who support free sex and for those who offer themselves for money. However, I am more concerned with the health of the whole nation. I believe that if people could stop this bad habbit, it will definitely cut down the spread rate of the virus and we could save more lives in United States. It is true that by technology, people can use contraception products to prevent themselves from being infected by sex transmitable disease, but I also want to improve the moral standard in United States. It will be amazing to live in the world that filled with manner and harmony. Overall, I believe that ToGeTheR, we can stop Ebola!


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