Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cloning Issue : * What are some of the social challenges a cloned child might face?

As all of us know, cloning might result in either longer chromosome or shorter chromosome. Both of them are not good for any cloned organism to have. Shorter chromosome will cause the organism going through aging faster at a faster rate, and longer chromosome will cause the organism going at a slower rate. Not one of those can make the cloned children avoid social challenge they will meet in the future.

Let's say for a children with shorter chromosome, which will cause them to aging at a faster rate than common children. As an adult or parents, we don't want to see those children to face embarrassment from their friends. Those children might be bigger in face or have an older face, but brain-wise, they are no more than children at their age. That embarrassment might cause a deep pressure for the children. On the other hand, longer chromosome is not better than shorter chromosome. Longer chromosome, too, will cause embarrassment for the children in a different way. As it will aging slower, the cloned children, even though have the same level of education and equal in intelligent, they are smaller in size and younger in face. Both defects of chromosome that common in a cloned organism will cause social challenge that cloned children have to face, they can't avoid those problems.

Actually, there is more than social challenge, cloned organism might also suffer from health challenges that have chance to kill them. How if, in the cloning process, an error happened in the cell differentiation process? Isn't it will cause a serious health problem that the child have to face?
Cloning has serious risks that the cloned organisms themselves have to bear, not the researcher nor the creator. Both social and health problems will cause unavoidable challenges that they have to face.

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