Thursday, April 26, 2012

... Here Is My Letter ...

 Dear my family,

     Lately, life has been really hard for us, well, at least for me. Due to global, warming, not only sea level increase, but also ice layer become thin. I know that we have been known as great swimmer. Our fur has been designed by our Creator to be repellent against water to guard our hair and our dense hair. The problem is the distance we have to travel. We can't go too far without resting on ice Mom, Dad. There are killer whales out there and due to global warming, the storm is getting rougher and rougher days by days. No wonder that our population is shrinking, and in turn put us as one of the endangered species. 
     Well, Mom, Dad, we can always visit our cousins, the grizzly, in northern Alaska or northern Canada. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we stay over there for a couple weeks until the ice layer formed later in fall. Even so, there are no seals in the land of Canada nor Alaska. We might have to eat berries like our cousins. The problem is, our molar is designed to chew meat, not to grind vegetables. We might die due to starvation. Life is really hard, Mom, Dad. I wish you all the best. Be safe, Mom, Dad.


Patrick the Polar Bear

Me posing in Canada

Me and my paws
 My picture stalking seals

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