Thursday, September 23, 2010

Advantages of Maps in Environment Science

Maps are very important in studying science, especially environment science. The first reason why maps are important is we can know more about the world, we know more about where we live now. We need that information because each environment that spread among the world are different. For instant, environment in  Northern Africa is totally different with environment in Indonesia (South East Asia). Africa has desert and Indonesia has tropical jungle. And because of the difference, the animals and type of plants that can grow are different too. In desert we can find palm trees and camels. In tropical jungle we can find huge trees and also "orang utan" that similar with monkeys.

The second reason why maps are important because by map, we can know what does a country rich of or lack of. Maybe some country is rich of humans population, in other word it means that one country had a lot of humans there. Maybe some country is lack of humans population, it means that the country is need more human to develop a better country.

There are also so many kind of maps in this world. 2 of them are physical map and population map. Physical map is type of map that supplies our knowledge with data about the earth. From physical map we can know where is China, and also where is Argentina, and others.
This is a physical map of the earth

And the other one is population map. Population map is type of map that overview about the population density in various parts of the world. For instant, there is map called U.S. Population map. By the name, it overview the population density in United States of America.
This is a population map of the United States of America

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